About Kite Beach

Kite Beach is the most popular beach in Dubai among locals and residents, and possibly the best and most beautiful! It’s located in Jumeirah. It has the best view on Burj Al Arab, crystal clear water and uninterrupted view of the sea. You will find restaurants and food trucks, a jogging track, toilets and showers, a beach market, beach volleyball courts, kids play area and a skateboard park. It’s definitely the best beach in Jumeirah.


Located on Kite Beach in Jumeirah, one of Dubai most popular destinations, Sole Mio offers guests the opportunity to spend a relaxing day surrounded by turquoise water and the stunning view on Burj Al Arab. You can rent beach umbrellas, loungers, towels and safe lockers for your keys and wallet.


AED 110 / day per person

Includes: umbrella + bed + towel + water + beach food delivery