New cycling track opens on Kite Beach

The moment we have been waiting for months has finally arrived! The new cycling track opened in February this mont and if you’re a sport lover, it’s the new must visit place in Dubai. The cycling track stretches for 16 km along Jumeirah and passes through all the major beaches in Dubai. The track starts from Dubai Water Canal and links with King Salman Street. We have tried it last week and cycled from the Dubai water canal until Kite Beach, where we stopped to chill on the beach at Sole Mio and order some food :) It’s lovely idea for a weekend activity with your family, friend or your loved one. You can rent a bike at one of the Careem stations along the track. Make sure your final stop is Kite Beach, where you can get sunbeds, ice cream or a lice of delicious pizza!


Are you ready for the ultimate beach experience in Dubai?

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