The best restaurants and food trucks to try on Kite beach

At our beach club, we deliver food and beverages straights to your lounger from some of the best restaurants on Kite Beach. Our favourites are:


It’s a lovely cafe with a beautiful terrace on the second floor overlooking the whole Kite Beach. The food selection is perfect for the beach, offering healthy breakfast options, lunch meals, salads, bowls, and a wide variety of smoothies and mocktails.

La Ola

Another favourite, La Ola is one of the oldest restaurants on the beach. A lot of different options to satisfy your cravings. We love their sandwiches but also their steaks are remarkable. The grilled salmon is my personal favourite to have at the beach while chilling on my sun bed.

Borbone by the Beach

Borbone serves one of the best roman style pizzas in Dubai. Chef Vincenzo has 25 years experience making the dough in Roma and trust me, he knows how to do it. Join the crowd of Italians coming down to Kite Beach on Friday and Saturday and try this outstanding pizza on the beach.

2 Degrees Pint

Unique concept serving all sorts of soft drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. Our favourite is they Pineapple juice, served directly into the pineapple itself!


Very Interesting food truck concept serving a traditional Lebanese sandwich. Delicious!


Are you ready for the ultimate beach experience in Dubai?

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